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Card Sharp Silver

Not Counting This As a Day of Writing…

But I did work on Card Sharp Silver: A Cave Creek Novel, but just didn’t make enough forward progress to count it, either in time or words. But I did get back on it and cycled back to get it in my head again, got to where I had left off and went, “Damn, this is fun.” No clue where I am going from there, but I typed some and got moving forward again. Felt great!

Not really stuck, it has just been a week or so to believe with all the business work.

I have about five stories left to get caught up on reading for Pulphouse before I start back into reading the challenge stories. I’m going to layer those challenge stories in as I write, doing a few writers a day. Just too stupidly behind on those. Thankfully I’ve been reading along earlier. Now that many have finished I feel I can safely start mailing back my reader comments.


As I type this, we are very, very close to the next stretch goal with three days left. So that means that there is a chance to hit the stretch goal beyond that, which is worth a $600 bundle of classic workshops. (Can’t trade it for credit… sorry.) But we got to hit it first before everyone gets it.

Also, remember the HOW TO WRITE CREATIVE NONFICTION special three week workshop is only available through this campaign. So don’t miss signing up for that.

You can add the workshop to another reward if you want. Like get all five of the writing bundles and add the special workshop. You can take it the first three weeks of June or starting July 7th for three weeks.

Don’t miss this one, folks. Only three days left!!

Writing Bundles Kickstarter Campaign



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  • Kate Pavelle

    Yey, writing! And Silver! That will be so much fun to read.
    I get what you mean about “too much work.” Between that and the pandemic disruption, it feels as thought the Time of the Great Forgetting has arrived early this year.