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This Has To Be Short Tonight…

Not a Lot of Eye Left… 

I have been doing very detailed work on laying out the paper and PDF version of Smith’s Monthly #47 which will be out in a week. Should have it done by tomorrow which is my deadline. Yay.

Honestly, it has been a blast doing this.

Also I spent a bunch of time this week on other deadlines, but also getting ready to launch RETURN OF THE FEY Kickstarter campaign, which will start on Tuesday. That’s right, Kris is back working on the Fey after twenty years. How amazingly cool is that.

In fact, there is a “Coming Soon!” page you can click a link to be notified when it launches. It has some amazingly cool stuff with it, and it is so fun to have Kris back working on the Fey every day. Wow.