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Against All Odds

I Got #50 Done…

I asked Kris to be my back-up. I can’t see all the numbers on the face of the oven, for example, and she helped with that. She was there when I was doing anything with something hot, letting me do it but standing by. She went with me to get potatoes that I had forgotten to buy to help me find them in the store.

For those of you who have been reading my last couple posts, #50 is the 50th year I have cooked myself the exact same meal on Thanksgiving. And also, I have a nasty cold that Kris caught at 20Books, which is making my eyesight even worse for a few days. (You know how having a cold puts a film over your eyes… Yeah, that’s fun when you vision is already a lot gone.)

So huge turkey meal turned out good. Far more of a struggle than I remember having before, but got it done. Once again shows the power of a streak of any kind. Just like writing this blog every night for 10.5 years without missing.

Thanks, Kris!! For backing me up. And making fantastic pies!!


  • Sheila

    I’m with Kris, you are pretty amazing!

    I hope you feel 100% soon. I’ve been through the upper respiratory thing, then a sciatica attack, and then trying to cook my part of the turkey day feast. But, I made it! At my age, I’m happy to get anything done, so fighting against more than the typical stuff is an accomplishment to be proud of. Keep on keepin’ on, dude! 😀