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Coming Out of a Fog

Finally Coming Back…

Been dealing with this eye injury for about a month now, then got a horrid cold, worst one I have had in years, actually, that made my eyes blurry on top of the injury. So a fun couple of days being mostly blind and sneezing. Joy.

But as the cold slowly clears, I feel like I am coming out of a fog bank and seeing the sun again. And clearly, under the cold-caused crap, my eyes are slowly improving. Yay! A couple more days and I will only be dealing with the eye issues again.

So sitting here at this computer tonight, with the screens blown up 20x magnification, I happened to glance at my calendar and see that there was less than a week left in November. And all my focus is not only getting my writing and publishing going for 2023, but all the workshops starting in January.

All talk about my writing and publishing later. But wanted to mention the workshops that are coming. Really fun things.

There will be 16 different Collection Classes, six each from the first two years and 6 more new ones for 2023. Four of them will be offered every two months (Collection classes are 9 weeks long and you have a published collection at the end of it.) 24 different times to take the classes in 2023. I’ll have them up in the next few days,  more than likely, these will all go away after 2023.

And then we have the six new ADVANCED CRAFT workshops that will start in January as well. These are also 9 weeks long and very intense craft focus. Watch this space for the timing of those.

And we have the brand new Monday Copyright. We are ending Motivational Monday and putting it its place two classes with the same format. The easiest way to learn copyright is every Monday, one small bite at a time, so by the end of 2023, you will know enough copyright and licensing and trademark to help your business.

The other Monday class is The Decade Ahead. Everyone already signed up for Decade Ahead will get this. It will also be like Motivational Monday was, only focused on how to look and plan ahead for the coming decade in writing and publishing. Super fun, easy bite-sized

Plus new regular workshops and a ton more. And we are getting the workshops organized so you can find them at and hit a link to each one. Gaining on that.

Also is the in-person workshops. (You can take a study-along if you can’t come in person.) Next one up is Fantasy/Caper taught by Kris and held in Vegas at the Resorts World. Two spots open in it. Write me.

And see the entire list for the year on


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  • Jason M

    This may be the time to take the plunge into dictation, Dean.
    There’s a free dictation tool on Microsoft Word, FYI. It works well.