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Aces Game Tonight…

First Game of the Playoffs…

Kris and I and Lisa Collins went to the Ace’s game tonight after some great pizza. The Aces are defending world champions and also seeded #1 in the playoffs after a record-breaking season. They are fantastically fun to watch.

They were playing tonight, for one night only, at the T-Mobile Area, the home of the Stanley Cup winning Golden Knights. (Yeah, fun sports in this town.)

The Aces were playing the Chicago Sky and Chicago never stood a chance. At one point the Aces were ahead by over 30 points. And not because the Sky were not playing well, the Aces are just a machine.

And like always, the fan participation was fantastically fun. Two little four-year-old girls in their Aces t-shirts where always shouting “Defense!” at the top of their longs below us and waving their cheering towels. So cute and so wonderful to see.

That’s right, we all got towels. Going in they gave us all really nice logo towels to wave. Not a clue what that cost for 14 thousand plus of them. Wow.

First picture below is of me using my towel before Kris explained that I was supposed to wave it.

Then a picture of Kris and Lisa. Lisa decided to sit at a counter behind us, more than likely because of my inappropriate towel use.

Third picture is Kris and my standard selfie we take at all the games.



  • Philip

    For some reason lately the Youtube algorithm has been showing me videos of different pizza places in Vegas, and I have to say I’m impressed. You can tell by the look it’s good pizza.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, it is. Between Good Pie here in our neighborhood and Slice of Vegas out in Mandalay Bay, it is stunning. And Kris can eat at both places.