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A Success!

Support for a Lot of Writers…

That’s what the success of the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive means. A lot of writer’s stories get published over the next year in six issues of the magazine, and in six different collections as well. In total, over the next year ,we will publish about 180 short stories from top fiction writers.

And more readers get to read the writer’s work. Maybe find it for the first time. Another win for the writers.

Let me give you just a basic breakdown of costs. Each issue costs around $4,000 in just author costs. Let me repeat that… Just author costs… Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less depending on which stories are reprints in any issue. We pay 6 cents per word for original stories and in the area of $100 a story for a reprint.

We publish 6 issues per year. So author costs over the next year will be around $24,000.  After fees, on this subscription drive, we will gross about $30,000. So the remaining $6,000 will be spent on purchasing and shipping of paper issues, and author costs for the six collections. In fact, the total of that will far surpass the $6,000.

So if our only source of income was a Kickstarter campaign, we would not be able to do Pulphouse the way we do. But thankfully over the year we sell copies of back issues, copies that are outside of the subscriptions, copies of the old and new collections, and new subscriptions as well. All of that helps pay the extra costs and for the WMG Publishing employee time to put the magazine out.

So your support of the campaign, whether you did it for the reading or the workshops, you are supporting fiction writers and their work.

So thank you for the support of the campaign. It means a great deal to all of us at WMG Publishing, and shows me that my beloved project has value.