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A List of Stories So Far

Even Though No Covers Yet…

Thought I would list the short stories I have finished. The titles and their series, if any. I think the first 17 are all in series, so clearly had some stories to tell in my series, although one is a brand new series. More than likely in a few months, I will be telling non-series stories as well, plus maybe even some new series as they come up.

All titles came from my title sheets to start, a few got changed as I went along.

So here are the 17 stories as of the one I finished a bit ago.

Jan 1st… The Curious Reasons For Death. Mary Jo Assassin Story
Jan 2nd…Trail Guns Meet. A Thunder Mountain Story
Jan 3rd… The Beauty in a Puzzling Case. A Sky Tate Story
Jan 4th… Death and Life in a Long Hot Day. A Marble Grant Story
Jan 5th… And Blue Finds Home. A Thunder Mountain Story
Jan 6th… Kill For A Statistic. A Bryant Street Story
Jan 7th… The Birth of a Superhero. A Poker Boy Story
Jan 8th… A Gift from the Centuries. A Seeders Universe Story
Jan 9th… Mission to Drift. A Seeders Universe Story
Jan 10th… The Galactic Missing. A Seeders Universe Story
Jan 11th… No Place Like HOA. A Bryant Street Story
Jan 12th… Enough Time. A Thunder Mountain Story
Jan 13th… It Happened Behind the Walls. A Dead People’s Home Story (New Series)
Jan 14th… The Woman In The Wall. A Mary Jo Assassin Story
Jan 15th… Deadly Invisible Sky. A Pakhet Jones Story
Jan 16th… Lost Canyon. A Thunder Mountain Story
Jan 17th… Start With Butter. A Sky Tate Story

And speaking of short stories, you want to read 50 of my mystery short stories and 50 of Kris’s mystery short stories, back our Crimes Collide Kickstarter.

And if you want to get the COLLIDING WORLDS six volume collections from last year with 60 sf stories by me and 60 sf stories by Kris, you can get that on the Kickstarter as well and you will get the five new books with it. 110 stories by me and 110 stories by Kris.

And trust me, it didn’t even dent either one of our inventories of short fiction. But I can promise all eleven books will be great reads.


  • Daniel

    Hey Dean,

    Wow!! Congratulations on a great start to the new year. Can’t wait to read them. How are you going to publish them? Smith’s Monthly, individual stories, or collections? Or all of the above? I would love to have the entire year’s short stories in a number of collections. All 365 in 12 collections would be awesome.

    • dwsmith

      That is exactly the plan, Daniel. “Short Stories from January.” “Short Stories from February” and so on and so on. Plus five or so each month will be in that month’s Smith’s Monthly. And on Patreon at certain levels you will be able to read the raw stories, meaning basically what I wrote.
      January book will be out in March from WMG and by that point I’ll know how it is going and will set up ways for people to get them all.

  • Michelle

    Is “No Place Like HOA” the story Kris said you should send to Ellery Queen? Because I burst out laughing just from the title, and I can see exactly how the general idea is a Bryant Street story!

    Back when I first saw you mention Bryant Street, I didn’t really get it. I thought I grew up in a subdivision, since our neighborhood had no stores or other businesses. But all the houses were different, and we could still walk to the park, library, gas station, and school. I now live in an actual subdivision, (complete with HOA), and it is wild how uniform everything is. I’ll be driving, think I’m almost at the main road, but then turn to find a whole nother block – often ending in a cul-de-sac! Even AI navigation gets lost sometimes. Brrr.