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A Good Run

Vegas Strong 5K…

Basically three miles. Started on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, went for about a mile on Las Vegas Blvd toward the Strip, then headed out into the neighborhoods, ending up back on Fremont Street.

About 2,500 people ran or walked for a great cause. This was to honor and help all those killed and injured in the mass shooting on October 1st two years ago. This city is amazing in how it has dealt with that.

It started at 8 am, so we left our condo at 7:30 and walked to the race. Very early.

For me, this was the first timed run of the fall (the run two weeks ago wasn’t timed) and I wanted to see if I could beat my times from last spring, where I was doing a little running and mostly walking the 5k runs, working on dropping weight without getting injured.

Well, since the last run last spring (too warn to run outside here in the summer), I have dropped 15 pounds. So today I did mostly running, only walking for short intervals. And I beat my best time from last spring by over ten minutes. Not kidding.

And I didn’t really push or break into a sweat at all.

For the last half mile I was talking with a gentleman running beside me. I asked him his age and he said, “79 in November and I plan on making that. How about you?

I said, “69 in November and I plan on making that as well.”

He laughed and said, “Oh, hell, you’re just a kid.”

And he went across the finish line ahead of me.


  • Emilia

    Congratulations on a great run and beating your former best time!

    I started running with Couch to 5K this summer, partly inspired by you and Kris. Finished week 6 yesterday which was the first run with no walking. I have exercise induced asthma and hypothyroid, which when untreated weakens muscles.I want to be as healthy as I can. While I can’t undo my base health issues, I can work on staying otherwise healthy.

      • Emilia

        I can’t explain how giddy I am to be congratulated by someone I respect a lot. Running is helping a lot. I also train with a kettlebell (strengthening neck and shoulders helped with tension headaches) and battle with ancient weapons.

        Writing with Chronic Ilness helped a lot and I’d recommend it to everyone who thinks they might benefit.

        • Kristine Kathryn Rusch

          Battle with ancient weapons sounds fun. Pilates has helped me with a lot of the chronic pain. (I prefer yoga, but everyone insists on adding fragrance in the form of oils and incense, so can’t safely do a class.) Thanks for kind words, too!

  • Gunnar

    You guys look great. Kind of inspiring to hear about how Vegas is honoring and helping the people killed and hurt on October 1st, too.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Well done, guys, and that’s a great photo as well as a good cause! Your older running mate made me grin. I love when people older than I am pass me. It reminds me that getting older isn’t a bad thing. Then of course, my competitive streak kicks in when I see someone a bit younger up ahead, someone “passable,” LOL!
    Pick your battles, pick your victory conditions.