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A Fun Bunch of Covers…

All Smith’s Monthly Covers in One Place…

You really might want to check this out. Something I am very proud of.

All 65 issues of Smith’s Monthly in one place.

Just go there and scroll down. I found it pretty amazing and I did them all. Four or five original short stories in every issue and a bunch of novels, non-fiction, and other stuff. I do a new issue every month and I still find it head-shaking that I am doing this.

On another topic, this blog is short because I have to be up at 6:30 am tomorrow morning (yes, I don’t normally go to bed until 3 am or after). Running in a 5K called The Vegas Strong.  The run celebrates and honors all the victims of October 1st, five years ago when some whack-nut with basically machine guns opened fire on thousands at a major outdoor music concert from a hotel window.

60 dead, 800 wounded, thousands of lives changed instantly, and entire city changed as well.

Go to Ron Collins blog at for a great blog about tomorrow morning’s run.

I am running in honor of Christiana Durante.

There will be pictures of us runners/walkers tomorrow right here and on Facebook.


  • Philip

    65 of ANYTHING is an awesome achievement, but you did it with 100% your own diverse content. You walked the walk of being a pulp writer, which is an inspiration to me.

    The Vegas shooting in 2017 was absolutely horrific. On a positive note, the incident resulted in a virtual ban of bump stocks in the US which, interestingly, even the NRA supported. I wish the shooter wouldn’t have taken the coward’s way out but was forced to face the music and rot in prison while suffering.

  • Kate Pavelle

    They are an awesome bunch! I spent some time studying them, then a bunch of all WMG covers going by the genre.
    Then I set up for 3 short story collections and started picking out stock photos, finding what I thought had the right vibe but not allowing myself to second-guess. I redid some of my covers last night to reflect my one-only pen name, and I tweaked them.They now look a lot better!
    So thank you. This is all good stuff. And my Critical Voice is sitting in the corner with a Rubik’s Cube.