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A Day of Nothing

I Seldom Have a Day Like Today…

This one was by choice and schedule. This weekend I will be back in here doing workshop and business and emails.

Started off getting up early to go with Kris to the gym. I did a 5k of mostly walking on the track while she was in a class.

Then home for a shower and off to lunch with some local writers. Fun.

Then headed way out in Summerlin to pick up our packets for the 5K Vegas Strong run on Sunday. Supposed to be about 5,000 people walking and running to honor the October 1st shooting here and support charities that help the families of those who were killed and injured.

Then Kris and I headed to our pharmacy at our grocery store and got our flu shots. I now have had both Covid shots, and both boosters, including the new one, plus a flu shot.

We also did some shopping.

Then a drive to get Kris some dessert. I am on such a tight salt and calorie diet, none for me this time. When I get to my goal weight and blood pressure level, I’ll start with some dessert again.

Then home to take a nap, cook dinner, and then head out for more steps around the neighborhood and a really nice Friday evening. (I ended up with over 7 miles for the day.)

Came back and watched the second episode of Quantum Leap. (You know Kris and I wrote a Quantum Leap novel at one point called the Loch Ness Leap.) I am liking the new one.

Then I watched a part of an old movie before coming up here to this office.

Answered a few emails, but not many. Now I am deciding to go write since it is now October 1st and my challenge started. That will be fun, starting a new novel.

A day of no business and no work, only play and exercise and other stuff. Can’t remember the last time I had a nothing day like this one. I think I needed it.



  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    oh you like the new Quantum leap? Being such a fan of the original and such not a fan of the whole woke business I stayed away, but I trust your call so I am going to give it a try.
    You wrote a licensed Quantum leap novel, or a similar concept?

  • Cheryl

    Sounds like a perfect clear-the-decks, transition day. Excited about your new novel challenge. There’s something about the cooler weather that feels more “longer tales” somehow. Will be playing in that park as well this month.

  • A Johnson

    Sounds like a good day. Mine was a little more chaotic.

    I haven’t decided on the new Quantum Leap yet. It hasn’t quite come together for me, but I like the lead actor.