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Planning the Impossible

When It Comes to Production…

…there are two sides in this modern world. Yesterday I was talking about what might be possible with writing production. But I sure don’t plan on ramping up to a major writing production cycle to have the books and stories sitting in a drawer.

Nope, they have to be in Smith’s Monthly and published stand-alone and both those and that magazine takes some real production time and energy at WMG Publishing Inc.

(Remember, I am still working at hitting 67 major titles published this year before the  middle of November, and that does not count short stories stand alone.)

So today I sat down with my publisher, told her what I was thinking, and when she and the assistant publisher stopped hyperventilating and shaking their heads sadly at my insanity, the three of us figured out how it could be handled on the publishing side of things.

Honestly, they were wonderfully supportive, more than I expected or deserved, actually.

Now understand, I know how lucky it looks for me to have a publishing company willing to jump through hoops to get my work out. And they are all fantastic folks there.

And the craziness I am thinking about as a challenge really is nuts and not possible without the crew at WMG Publishing backing me up.

And the challenge comes in two parts.

First part I will announce right now. I am going to do a short story per day for the month of April. 30 short stories at least.

I am going to blog about them here every night, do a cover for each one, and end up with a nonfiction book in the end called “How to Write Thirty Stories in Thirty Days While Moving.”

Now that ought to mess with some myths if I can pull it off.

Every blog and every story will be in the book for you all to read. And, of course, the stories will end up in Smith’s Monthly issues coming starting in May and stand-alone later.

And yes, the Patreon supporters will get the book as well as all the Smith Monthly issues.

The second part of the challenge depends on my making it through April. So I will announce that later as it looks like I am up and running with the challenge. It is truly nuts.

Stay tuned. This could be great fun.


Femme Fatale Bundle

Also, I want to remind everyone of the fantastic bundle I am lucky enough to be in with a bunch of great writers.

It’s called the Femme Fatale bundle on Storybundle.

It’s a mystery/thriller bundle with Femme Fatales in every book, in one form or another. Trust me, Kris’s novel The Perfect Man will mess with your mind. And you can never go wrong with Lawrence Block, O’Neil De Noux, or Libby Fischer Hellmann.

And you might even like my novel and Mary Jo Assassin.


INSIDER’S GUIDE Workshops Now Available…

— Insider’s Guide to Selling Short Fiction in 2018/2019 (Starts April 8th)
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$300 each, limited to ten writers plus lifetime subscribers. One time workshops. They will not be regular. Sorry. These will fill so don’t wait for the last minute on these. And yes, you can use your credits.

I will be adding these onto Teachable in a few days.



Sign up directly through Teachable or if you have a credit, write me.

Class #37… Apr 3rd … Think Like a Publisher
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  • Céline Malgen

    I’m looking forward to following your day to day account of this new challenge. Writing 30 or 31 stories in a month was amazing, but writing 30 stories in a month while moving takes the challenge to a truly unheard of level!

    And I also can’t wait to hear what other mad challenge you’re planning after this one (as if it weren’t enough of a challenge already).