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Counting Down the Hours, Now!!

Brand New Fey Novel Kickstarter Campaign.

Amazing books, amazing workshops, and everyone gets the first Fey novel in 22 years, THE KIRILLI MATTER.

We just hit the 7th stretch goal and climbing, which means that all backers not only get seven more stories by Kris, but writers get six months of Motivational classes.

And I think it is possible to hit a bunch more stretch goals before this is over if we can all pass the word.

Again, just 35 hours left. At that point the special workshops go away. And you will have to wait until February to get THE KIRILLI MATTER.

Brand New Fey Novel Kickstarter Campaign.


      • Nathan Haines

        I try not to feel guilty at the fantastic stretch goals that your Kickstarters offer, but I was pretty sure the $30,000 one was going to make me feel rather guilty (while I took the class, ha!).

        Instead, I’m just going to cross my fingers that at 45 minutes to go, a few people are still undecided. So close to the next stretch goal! But I’m already excited to see the next Fey novel, much less all the other great stuff!

        • dwsmith

          The only reason we put stretch goals that high is because there were twelve months of Motivational Monday. Not kidding. We expected this one to range between 15,000 and 25,000 and we ended up smack in the middle of that. Great for a brand new book in a series that has had no push for over 20 years. So thanks, everyone.

          Only surprise for me was that not that many people took the two special workshops. I thought they were great and would have a ton of interest. Shows what I know. (grin) Kickstarters are always a surprise, which is one of the many reasons I love doing them so much.