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3 Days Left… The Last Sale

Going to Count Down These Three Days…

Just so it is clear. This sale will end on Thursday evening West Coast time and that will be the last pandemic sale.

We started these last spring as WMG’s way of trying to help writers stay in and stay safe and learning through the turmoil. We hoped after the first few we would end it, and every two months we did another because the pandemic was still strong. Now, for those who are able to get the vaccine, the pandemic fear is over and we are into recovery. And now time for WMG to start into recovery as well.

Like everyone we need to find a new normal.

And doing pandemic sales every two months is not a normal we want to reach. So this is it.

Just three more days.

Full details at…The Last Sale


  • Joe Cleary

    Thanks, Dean. The sale came right on time for me to pick up Covers 101 and Publishing 101.

    Last time around I enrolled in the story, novel, and publishing challenges and I’m so happy I did. I’m six stories deep in the story challenge that I started in May, and I’m on my way to finishing the first novel that’s due by the last day of June. July starts the Publishing challenge, and I’ll be getting at least one story collection up for sale worldwide along with the novel.

    I wouldn’t have been able to afford all these without the sale, and having the deadlines has been a huge boost to my productivity.

    I signed up for all of the challenges after taking the Killing Critical Voice workshop, and I really have to thank you again. I’ve been following your blog for years, but I’ve never been able to put your advice into practice until that workshop helped me clear away all the muck in my brain that was keeping me out of the writing chair.

    Thanks, Dean, Kris, and everyone at WMG for doing so much to help writers. It’s made a huge difference for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Joe. That means a lot. Really appreciated and glad you have the productivity up and running. So much fun.

  • Philip

    Dean, I just registered for the Pop-Up on How To Write Mysteries Into the Dark.

    I love Writing Into the Dark so much that I re-read it constantly. I have it on ebook and print and have given the print edition as a gift to aspiring authors. Despite all that, I admit I’ve been too scared to use the method for mysteries, so I’m dying to learn from you how to write an exciting, twisty mystery without pre-planning and outlining. How the heck is this possible!?

    IMPORTANT: A note to other writers who read this blog: Not only are these courses half off with the code, but you can also use PayPal to pay Teachable and use the PayPal 4-payment plan with no interest. WMG gets the full money up front but you make 4 biweekly payments at 0% interest. Given that, you should be able to afford more courses than you think. I’m also, eyeying up a second one to register for.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Philip, didn’t know that was possible. And yes, I have written all the twisty Cold Poker Gang mysteries into the dark. To be honest, I’m not smart enough to plan ahead those mysteries. They are way too twisty and complicated in most cases.

    • Victoria+Goddard

      I have to say I wish I’d read about the installment payment plan ten minutes ago, before I bought the Decade Ahead bundle! (Oh well.) I too signed up for the Great Novel Challenge in one of the first sales last year, and am just closing in on the sixth and last of them. I should end up with around 500,000 words written over the course of the year–more than I thought I would do this time in 2020! Not to mention two books published and three more (soon to be four) in the pipeline.

      I also took Writing into the Dark, which was excellent and very helpful. Along with the pop-up classes from the Diving Universe Kickstarter I have a lot to work through over the next year.