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Year of the Cat Series Completed

Volume #12 Just Shipped.

Twelve wonderful volumes in total have shipped and next month the large electronic volume of all twelve books in one will go out. We did a Kickstarter over a year ago in January of 100 Cat Stories in 12 volumes. So since May we have sent out a new book every month. So now, a year later, all one hundred cat stories are out.

To see all twelve of them, go to

The Year of the Cat Series Page

There you can get information on all twelve books, see the covers, the contents, and how to order them.

Here is the cover for #12. Kris and I are very proud of these and had a blast doing them. Some great writers in these volumes, folks.


  • Annie Reed

    I was thrilled to have stories in quite a few of the books in this series. Thanks for including me!

  • Britt Malka

    Well done.

    There’s a thing I’ve wondered about. A lot. Many times.

    When you say that Kris has won prices for her editing, and this collection, for example, is edited by the two of you… What is understood by “editing?”

    I’m asking because other than cycling back, you don’t recommend using other than a proofreader, not an editor. So what is involved in the editing you two do?

    • dwsmith

      Oh, Britt, there is so much more to editing than letting some person, any person, put their sticky little fingers in your prose and story. That is not editing, that is a scam.

      Editing is picking the stories to use, the order to put them in, the introductions and so on and so on. Editing for short fiction is picking and gathering the content from professional writers and putting it together in an order to make something greater than the parts.

      Your thinking that editing is only the scammers needs to be cleared out.