Challenge,  On Writing

Writing This Morning…

Exercising This Afternoon…

Visiting friends and reading stories tonight.

A pretty good day all around. Most certainly a fun one.

Almost three thousand words on a new Cold Poker Gang novel. (Finished the previous one.) Then ended up with just over seven miles of steps (14,000 plus) which included a half mile of running.

Then visited a friend who was in town tonight before getting to reading challenge stories. Still have a few to go from last week, so no one panic.

Can’t beat a day like today.



    • dwsmith

      Nope, it will be going to the poor souls who have followed my challenge, then to WMG. I will have it in a Smith’s Monthly and more than likely it will be out later in the year as a stand alone. Kris liked it. (grin)

  • richard schneck

    I am watching the Kickstarter for “The Renegat” I noticed that one level is the ebook and two “outakes and essays” books.

    I was wondering if there was a way to get a softcover of the main book, and still get the ebooks of the extra material? I don’t need the extra books to be “real”.

    • dwsmith

      You will get electronic copies of the extras no matter what level of reward you take. That is automatic and everyone will be sent them except the $5 level. So taking the paperback copy of the Renegat will also get you the two electronic copies of the extras. Since that has backers, I can’t change the description now, but that is what we are planning anyway. (grin)