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Writing Bundles Kickstarter Almost Done…

All Seventeen of Our Writing Books in Five Bundles

And from the looks of it, we are about to hit our top stretch goal, where all backers will get a bundle of classic workshops worth $600.00. (That means everyone would get $1,000 in value in lectures and workshops, plus First Tee Panic and Kris’s Freelancer’s Survival Guide.)

That’s right! Not kidding.

But only just over a day left. So don’t miss backing this one.

UPDATE!!! We hit the top stretch goal!!!

And a great way to back it is to get all five bundles of writing books reward, then add on the Creative Nonfiction Special Workshop. Remember, through this Kickstarter campaign is the only way you can get the workshop.

So help jump this thing over the top in the next day at Writing Bundles Kickstarter.


  • Hope

    Oh wow, that’s really exciting! I’m glad your Kickstarter has done so well, and I’m hopeful that we’ll manage to make it to the last stretch goal!

    • Filip Wiltgren

      So happy it did so well. Your books and workshops have helped me so much in my writing, and pushed me from a story a year to 80 stories and a novel last year.
      And the confirmation that writing into the dark is allowed and working gave me permission to write the way that’s always worked for me.
      And now I’ve got a complete collection of the WMG writing books…

  • Kelley

    I am so excited you reached your top stretch goal! Everything you do on this blog is amazing, and I have $5 just to support you and as a small token to give back to all of the junk you’ve helped me get out of my way when it comes to writing. I read it every day. First time commenting though. And now I get a crazy huge bonus for doing the right thing!? You’ve made my day, again.

    Thank you, DWS. I have a writing career because of all that you do and share.

  • Katie

    How the HECK did I miss this? I’d have backed it in a minute!! and shared it everywhere. Sheesh….