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Last 18 Hours…

5 Writing Bundles Containing 17 Books…

Plus you get Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s fantastic Freelancer’s Survival Guide.

And two Tip-Of-The-Week lectures with 13 tips in each one. Plus a Futures Workshop and a bundle of six genre classic workshops.

That is exactly $1,000 in value in lectures and workshops. Crazy, huh? Over 300 teaching videos combined.

And today a number of people asked me, “Why?”

Simple, actually. When we all got locked down in March, Kris and I and Allyson were trying to figure out ways we could help writers stay focused, keep learning, and keep writing. But we knew money would be tight for everyone, so we did what we called March Madness and offered every workshop, class, and subscription on Teachable at half price for two days.

A number of writers took advantage of that and a bunch were bummed that they missed it, so we did the same thing again to help writers in April with our Spring Training half-price sale.

A number of writers took advantage of that and have thanked us for helping them stay focused some during these crazy times.

Then Allyson came up with the idea to help writers of getting all seventeen of our writing books into bundles and then offering the bundles at half price on a Kickstarter, plus add in some great deals on workshops and some stretch goals. So that is this one we are doing now, and we are almost ready to be able to get everything in this Kickstarter (except the paper versions) out early next week while we are still all locked down.

So everyone backing this will get these rewards and stretch rewards very, very quickly.

In essence, we wanted to help as much as we could to keep writers learning and writing and moving forward, even though this crazy time feels like moving backward.

So that is what we are doing and why these stretch rewards are so good. You all have been very good to us over the years with all your support. We’re just trying to pay back some is all.

And don’t forget, this Kickstarter is the only place you can get into the How to Write Creative Nonfiction special workshop. Don’t miss that one.

Only 18 Hours!!!

Check it out at Writing Bundles Kickstarter Campaign.