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Slow Start With The Writing…

Typical For Me…

I usually start slow and then just gain speed. Clearly going to be the case this time as well.

First off, I just didn’t clear the decks fast enough to get to my writing computer early enough each night. And when I did, tired of being at any computer, so time there did not last that long.

Second, starting a book in a series that I had not even thought about in years, so had to take some time to put it back in my head and create some notes. Not for the plot, just what the characters look like and so on.

Third, I am still in PT and twice so far I have gone through a session in these first four days. Arm is stupidly sore afterwards and that is limiting my computer time. They helped me with some stretches and exercises today that will help, and of course in two months this should all be moot. But a factor in the slow start.

So I hope all of you are getting off to good starts with the fiction.

I will be posting on the right side of this blog my consumable word counts every Monday. Done a stupid amount of nonfiction so far this year, so going to switch that over to some nonfiction and a stupid amount of fiction as the next week goes by.

And I love having a cover for a book I am working on, even though I have no idea of the plot. I just find it fun, so here is the cover of the novel I have started. (First book in the Mary Jo Assassin series was DEATH TAKES A PARTNER. Second book was DEATH TAKES A DIAMOND. Both for sale on WMG Books.)