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Workshops, Bundle, and Big Estate Move Day One

All Workshops for February Started… March Sign-up Available…

If you are signed up for a February workshop and haven’t gotten the opening letter from me, write me at once.

March workshops are now on deck. A good list.

Winter Mysteries Bundle.

I’m in a great bundle right now on Bundlerabbit with one of my Cold Poker Gang novels. It’s called The Winter Mysteries Bundle.

This is a great deal and you might want to check it out, folks. Some great books in this one. Click on the image. And scroll down on the page. You can buy the bundle not only from Bundlerabbit, but from Amazon, Kobo, B&N and others. Nifty.

The Winter Mysteries Bundle

Well, today the moving turned out fine… 

Chris and Steve York were there the full time helping in a ton of ways. And the guys with the moving company showed up on time as they always do and went above and beyond the call of duty getting stuff moved, both to WMG Publishing and a load to Goodwill.

And the wonderful women from the women’s shelter showed up and made numbers of trips getting things out of the house that would help the shelter.

We didn’t get to any of the garbage cleaning, but will tomorrow. And that will take all day. Then the auction guy can come in and make a bid on the furniture that’s left.

Notice that instead of the months it took me with my friend Bill’s estate five years ago, this is taking four or five days. I got great help. And I should be back to regular activities by tomorrow evening.

And maybe even some writing. That will be fun.

Speaking of Writing

I have a Cold Poker Gang novel in the Winter Mystery bundle. And speaking of the Cold Poker Gang mystery, I forgot to mention that Kris read the Cold Poker Gang novel I wrote on the trip, Ace High, and really liked it.  I got a few name nits I have to fix. Seems I called people very similar names, which I tend to do normally. (grin) That will be a ten minute fix. That was it besides a few typos.

Wow, maybe I should have slowed down and screwed it up. (grin)

(Oh, that was snarky, wasn’t it? (grin))

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