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Working on the Survey…

For The Return of Boss Kickstarter…

It ended tonight and thanks, everyone, for the great support. Really fun.

But now I am working on the survey that will get sent out in a week or so. Basically I am rebuilding the entire campaign… twice. Not kidding.

And adding some extra stuff people can grab if they want, or if they missed it in the campaign.

At some point, Loren and I will do some videos in the Kickstarter Best Practices about surveys and the many ways they can be handled after you run a successful kickstarter. Kickstarter itself gives you a decent tool to use. And using that is pretty much what we have done up until now. However, with over 600 backers for this one, we decided to take it to the next step, and since I am a control freak, I decided I would be the one to learn it first and do it all.

So this blog is early tonight because I wanted to make some more progress into this before getting completely confused. But honestly, I love learning new stuff, so this is fun. Frustrating at times, confusing at times, but fun.

So stay tuned. There are lots and lots of fun details about this crowd-funding stuff.

And on another note, I sure hope everyone stays safe out there. And if you have kids, good luck with that decision on school or not. I just never thought last March we would still be here at this point. Guess I am not a very good science fiction predictor of the future, huh?