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Working on The Decade Ahead

In More Ways Than One…

Doing a lot of work on the first part of the year-long class The Decade Ahead. In early February it will also include a Pop-Up that anyone signed up for the class will get for free.

And speaking of the year ahead and the years ahead, today I got to see a blog I will post here next week from WMG Publishing about all the projects we did in 2019. It will blow you away, because it stunned even me and Kris.

I will post it a few days after it is on the WMG Publishing blog.

Also today Allyson sent me the tentative “Production Deadlines” for projects and turn-in dates for things like issues of Pulphouse, bundles I am doing, and so on.

And I set some deadlines for myself on novel writing. No idea what I am going to write, but I need “a” novel done by a certain dates in my schedule.

I also turned in today for copyediting the collection called The First Thirty-three which is the first promised collection for the Make 100 Paperbacks Kickstarter from last winter. Second two collections will get to copyediting and layout in January.

So a fun day today. Doesn’t feel like a Friday.

And now, here is the information again about the fantastic year-long class we are doing called The Decade Ahead. Write me if you have questions or sign up on Teachable.


You have been creating all the stories and novels. Getting them out to readers, promoting them, then moving on to the next story. Great!

But how do you keep that going? How do you make sure you have a successful year, and at the same time plan for the new decade ahead?

In fact, how do you even plan in a realistic way that will help you long term?

And how do you keep your personal life and issues balanced with your writing and with your publishing. This class will talk and focus on all three areas in a balanced way.

In other words, how to keep going in 2020 and where would you like to be in 2029?

These four quarterly classes will help you with that. They are called…


Each quarterly class has three months of videos. Each month will have videos released each week, sometimes just a few in a week, sometimes up to ten new videos in a week.

In other words, there will be over 100 videos in each quarterly class over the three months, plus the Pop-Up videos.

The videos will be writing hints (like the Tip of the Week used to be, only deeper and more complete) and lots of publishing advice every month, plus lots of ways to keep up the motivation through each month. Much of it will be focused to the time of the year, since writing has patterns that affect us all.

Also, in the middle of the second month of each quarter, there will be a new Pop-Up that will be for sale for $150, but given to everyone signed up in the quarterly class for free. The Pop-Up will deal with different topics of publishing, craft, and looking ahead. And often will deal with how to get going again once stopped.

Each Pop-Up will have a story assignment as normal.

Each class is one quarter of 2020. Same structure in each quarterly class. You can purchase each class each quarter, or get them all in a bundle for a discount. (Basically four quarters for the price of three.)

— The three months and Pop-Up in first quarter will deal with how to get going at the start of the year, how to adjust when things start to slip, how to maintain excitement. Also, a lot about planning ahead into the rest of the year, the next five years, and the decade ahead.

— The second quarter class videos and Pop-Up will deal with how to keep going, get restarted, and keep writing through the tough month of June.

— The third quarter class videos and Pop-Up will deal a lot with how to get through the very tough summer months, plus ramp up your writing for the fall and set habits and patters to last for a long time.

— The last quarter class videos and Pop-Up will deal with how to increase speed, finish up projects, get through the holidays, and get ready for the coming year.

Each quarter will have a ton of writing advice, publishing advice, tips, and a few assignments as well (that are not required, but advised to do).

But to get to the decade ahead and get to the success with your writing you like, you first have to get through 2020 and set habits and publishing and writing patterns.

And that’s what these four classes are all about.

NOTE: This is not in any lifetime subscription, but there is a bundle that you can get all four for the price of three.

Any questions, just write me. Kris and I are very excited about this new year and this new series of classes.

Sigh up and get ready for the new year on Teachable.
(Hit “see all courses” to find The Decade Ahead Classes.)

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  • Harvey Stanbrough

    As usual, a post chock full of gems. I have “deadline” dates set for my goals for 2020 (novels and short stories), but thanks to this post I’m going to hang at least two large calendars on the wall above my writing computer. The deadlines for production are set, but the calendars will set out publishing dates as well. Thanks, Dean. And yes, I’m thinking of publishing to paper again too, now that I found the Independent Book Publishers Association and their tie to Ingram/Spark.