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Working on the Challenges from Last Year…

Yes, I am slow…

Mostly because things like not even getting into this office until after eight this evening. PT and doctors can really suck up a day. (grin)

So I am reading the stories for Pulphouse and also alternating with doing the letters to get everyone credit for last year’s challenges.

And we have an in person workshop starting here on Monday (with the Study Along) and also doing some work on the anthology workshop next July. Less than ten spots open for that. Filling quickly. Write me for information. Still don’t have an exact week but we hope by the first of February. It will be in July.

I got a couple of questions about the Directed Study, so going to just repost that part here so I can get back to reading and working on challenge letters.

Directed Study

We offered this to the folks who have the Lifetime Everything Subscription because no matter which classes Kris and I suggest they take, they have them all.

But Kris suggested that we also offer it to everyone because so many have taken a lot of classes. And have lifetime workshop or lifetime Pop-up subscriptions, and if we suggest a class they don’t have, they can buy it if they have not taken it.

(We will give you the Lifetime Everything Subscription at half price if you also buy the Directed Study. Write me for details.)

The idea behind the directed study is that we will ask some pointed questions about your writing, where you are at, where you want to go, and then read a sample or two of your work. Then, depending on what you tell us you want to do with your writing and publishing, we will give you a directed study plan of classes and things to try to get from the class that you can do on your own time.

Kris and I are doing this together with each person.

It is a one-time fee of $500 you would pay to PayPal. (Write me and ask for the PayPal information if interested.) The fee does not include any classes we recommend and we will pay no attention in our suggestions of what classes you have or do not have. (You can’t use credits for the fee, but you can for workshops and such if you need to get one we suggest.)

And again, you can do this on your own pace.

Questions on this, just write me or ask in the comments.