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Reading Stories

Not Doing Much Writing Yet…

Typical slow start to my year. Only years I didn’t have a slow start were years I ramped up for two weeks in December. No idea why. Always seems logical at the time.

But I am getting a lot of reading of Pulphouse stories done. I want to have them all done before this HEARTS COLLIDE Kickstarter finishes because I hope we hit a few stretch goals and I have more stories to read for Pulphouse. (see stretch goals in the campaign)

And yes, I am finding some stories to buy from the reading.

Here is how my enjoyment levels and frustration go with the reading and most editors of magazines are the same way.

Level One…. I start reading and because of a ton of different reasons, the story does not hold me and I can stop and send a response. No emotion attached and I never remember these stories.

Level Two… Story hooks me and I get halfway in before it loses me. (Frustration level medium because I was hoping the story would work.)

Level Three… Story hooks me and I read all the way to the end, but it does not fit into Pulphouse. (Frustration high because I liked the story and could not buy it.)

Level Four… I read and buy. Best feeling.

So now back to reading…