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Working on a StoryBundle…

Visions of the Future…

That is the title of a StoryBundle that will be out toward the end of this month. Pure science fiction. And I already have two anthologies in it, so can’t use any more anthologies or collections. I just need three more novels.

And what I am looking for must have the following qualities.

  • Science Fiction with element of the future in some way or another.
  • Top-notch science fiction cover.
  • First book or stand-alone book.
  • The author must have a social media reach, since the idea behind bundles is to get ten different books and authors together and have everyone promote so that we all find new readers and give readers a good deal by showing them books they might not have known about.
  • Book has never been in a Storybundle before.
  • The book can not be in Kindle Select.
  • I will attempt to read the book ahead of time or at least scan it. I am not editing, I am curating, but I like to be familiar with what I am including.

So I am putting this here in hopes of finding three more to join into the bundle. But again, you must have a social media reach.

If interested, send me the cover of the book (yes, I will reject for covers that don’t fit), your social media reach, and if the book is the first in a series or can stand alone and it has not been in a Storybundle before.  Subject Line Visions of the Future.

A point to all of you trying to build a career and sales. Note the lesson here is you can’t depend on one book and you must have professional covers and you must avoid Kindle Select and you must have a social media reach.

I will add to this post right here that it is full when I have enough.

UPDATE!!  ALL FULL. Thanks!!