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Just Getting Started… With The Art of the Novella…

For years, Kris and I have wanted to figure out a way to teach in-person workshops on the art of writing a novella. But nothing we came up with worked. Too expensive, far too long, and so on.

We do the novella add-ons not to teach, but to just give the writers who took the in-person workshop a chance to write a novella and have Kris read it.

So as we were putting together the brand new WMG Writer Store (, Kris started wondering why we could not do what she called “pretend-in-person” classes teaching novellas in four different genres.

And with the help of Stephanie Writt at WMG, our Shopify master, they figured out how it could be done. And done in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and Romance.

So the ART OF THE NOVELLA series is born. 4 different classes limited to 20 writers each one. 9 weeks of weekly classes with assignments, then four weeks to write a novella in that genre with what you have learned. Three months total per class. Four different genres.

All the videos will be in the WMG Writer Store each week.

Go to WMG Writer Store for more information and to see the start of our new Shopify store.

Watch the introduction videos by Kris about the entire series and also an introduction video about each class.

Normally the price is $500 per class, but as we start this storel they are $450, and you can save $50 more for each one extra you buy. First class, the ART OF THE SCIENCE FICTION NOVELLA starts the first of April.

But since Kris has won a dozen or more Asimov’s Reader’s Choice Awards for her science fiction novellas, this one will fill up quickly.

Also on the WMG Writer Store is information about the In-Person classes.

And coming soon to the store will be writing books and cool writing merch. That’s going to be fun!

PLEASE NOTE… These first four novella classes are not associated with anything on Teachable, so no subscriptions apply. Sorry.

However, in the near future, we will have some workshops selling and announced in the new store, but living on Teachable, and those will be in all the lifetime subscriptions. Just can’t do it with these Art of the Novella classes because they are limited to 20 writers and take three months each of Kris’s hard work.

So no subscriptions apply on these. Trust me, there will be a lot of new classes and workshops that the Teachable subscriptions will apply in the new store going forward.

And we might even give the lifetime subscribers discounts for Merchandise and books and such in the future. All sorts of fun going forward with the new store.

So don’t miss out on the series THE ART OF THE NOVELLA. Four different genres over a year, take one or take all four if you want to learn how to write novellas in all four genres. Kris does and trust me, you want her to teach you how she does it. And have her read your work as well.

But caution, these will fill up. Make sure you are in the one or ones you want.


  • Linda Niehoff

    Are you kidding me?? This is fantastic! I signed up so fast!! I’d been hoping for something like this – but I was picturing more of a regular 6 week workshop. This is gonna be so much better. Cannot wait!

    (PS not sure if I misread above but there wasn’t a discount for Mystery. I signed up at full price anyway just to make sure I got in. Is the discount only for more than one? Or is it $50 off for one and then also another $50 for each if you do a bundle? I’m fine either way because I was going to get it regardless!)

    • dwsmith

      I’ll check that, but I do know it is for more than one. I’ll check with our Shopify master to see for sure.

      And yes, they are going to be amazing. 9 weeks of classes, 4 weeks to write a novella Kris will read. Kris worked it all out as what would be ideal to teach novella classes in four genres and Steph made it work on Shopify.

    • dwsmith

      Afraid not, they are not on Teachable. Credit is only for the 300-400 classes on Teachable. Sorry about that.

      There will be new classes we will push through our Shopify store that will be on Teachable and those will be open for credit. Just not yet. These are like in-person classes.

  • Frank Theodat

    Great opportunity! I signed up for Science Fiction this morning. I’ve been focused on mastering short fiction for the past three years but I want to jump into longer work. This is perfect timing. Thanks, Dean and Kris for putting this together.

  • Wenda Morrone

    Dean, I take seriously any chance to learn from you and Kris. But I don’t know much about novellas as a reader, let alone a writer. Is there a big market? Are they used to introduce a series? I can’t even picture how to sell them.

    • dwsmith


      You sell them like any other story. First to magazines, then stand alone in your own store and through Amazon, Kobo, D2D and so on around the world. Novellas are like short novels. You can do anything you want with them. I know some writers who are doing novella series. They also help a lot with discoverability because they can be a book that stands alone. No limit other than imagination on how you can sell and use them.

  • Wenda Morrone

    Dean, thank you for your thoughtful reply. I went to your website and watched all of Kris’s videos, and I have signed up for all four novellas. I’m so excited. The idea of launching into something new, but not on my own, with the guidance of two people who know novellas well, is intoxicating. Nice timing, too, with the Isaac Asimov awards Kris linked to. I can do background reading at the highest level.

    I’ve taken courses from you before, but they have dealt more with process than product. This feels more like when I read my first chapter book at the age of seven, and said Oh, so that’s what I’ve been doing, and began writing down my daydreams. Well, printing, since we didn’t start writing until third grade.

    • dwsmith

      Sounds like you are going to love these and really have fun with them. And yes, reading the Asimov’s Reader’s Choice final ballots would be amazing. This year Kris has two novellas and a novelette on that final ballot. How cool is that?