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WMG Holiday Spectacular 2023 Kickstarter

Kris and I Worked on Workshops Today…

Actually, we ended up spending a lot of time on them, with Allyson on the phone as well. And during that call Steph got in the sample blankets and a mug and the coasters. Oh, my, are they nifty. (All offered on the campaign.)

Kris wanted to make sure that we were getting the workshops in the best shape we could so the writers will write great stories for the Holiday Spectacular next year. We are offering THREE special three-week workshops this year. And each will have a third week short story assignment that Kris will read as a possible for the 2024 Holiday Spectacular calendar and the anthologies.

All three workshops are going to be great fun, I promise.

The Kickstarter campaign will start at noon on Tuesday, but since we worked so hard on the three special workshops today, I thought I would mention the new campaign again so you can follow it and get notified when we do launch. It is going to be amazing.

Click here for the promotion page.

And how about this nifty logo for the Holiday Spectacular I showed you last week, done by the fantastic Stephanie Writt at WMG. How cool is that going to look on mugs and things with the fantastic holiday art? Don’t miss this fifth year of getting an original holiday story every day from American Thanksgiving through January 1st. (And you even will get three stories by me this year. Four by Kris, since there are 40 days of stories this year. Wow.)