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WMG Holiday Spectacular 2020 Hit First Stretch Goal

In Just Three Days…

Thank you, everyone. So cool. And this project is so much fun. Getting an original holiday story, like an advent calendar, every day from November 26th through January 1st, and edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Or you can get a Valentines calendar edited by Annie Reed or a Halloween calendar edited by Mark Leslie.

Or all of it in books, plus a ton of other stuff. Remember, if you want more than one thing, just pick a reward and then add the cost of the second award you want to your original choice and we work it out in the survey when it is all over.

Plus the rest of the stretch rewards have some fun books, including a Christmas ghost novel of mine where ghost agents and Poker Boy save Santa and the world in the process, plus a bunch of great Kris holiday books. And for writers, we are again doing three brand new Pop-Up classes for the stretch rewards that sort of go along with the Writing a Holiday Crime Story special workshop.

Remember, the only place you will ever be able to sign up for that workshop is through the Kickstarter and it will be offered twice, one starting December 1st for three weeks, and the second January 5th for three weeks. And both you get to write a holiday crime story for next year’s Holiday Spectacular.

Don’t you just love the five covers for the five books? And you can give this calendar of 37 stories as a gift, remember. Or the workshop as a gift. So the link is… WMG Holiday Spectacular 2020 Kickstarter Campaign