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Thunder Mountain…

A Film and a Book…

You can get one of my Thunder Mountain novels right now in a nifty Storybundle on time travel that Kris put together. The link to get it is You also get nine other great books with mine, worth the price, folks.

My Thunder Mountain novels are about historians and others traveling back to the early 1900s into the wilderness of Idaho. And Warm Springs is one of my complex Thunder Mountain books.

DeAnna Knippling, who has a wonderful novel in the bundle as well, did a short interview with me and you can read that and get more about the Storybundle at her site. It’s cool and well done. Take a look.

But I also had a friend send me this nifty little video put together about the Thunder Mountain region and the town of Roosevelt and the flooding of Roosevelt that I write so much about. This was done by the Idaho State Historical Society. It is short and really worth the look. (And by the way, my novel Thunder Mountain is free right now on most sites if you want to read my take on Roosevelt.)

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  • Mark Kuhn

    Hey Dean, when I saw this post and saw the word film, I thought you got a movie deal on the Thunder Mountain series.
    It would be so cool. And a Cold Poker Gang TV series.