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Want To Listen To Me Talk?

I Was Interviewed…

By the folks at the Alliance of Independent Authors at the London Book Fair had me talk about writing into the dark and other stuff. They cut out the interviewer, so it seems like I just go on and on, which I tend to do at times. (grin)

Take a look. Might be worth a few details for the time spent listening.

And I forgot to mention, this is a video interview.


or this link might get you there as well.




  • Loyd Jenkins

    Thanks Dean. Hearing you explains things different times helps get the details stuck in the brain. Something always seems new, where I go ‘duh, I heard that before.’ *grin* Always learning.

  • Maria

    Dean, thank you for sharing this insightful interview. The spell checker is sent on vacation, the computers wait to be assigned a focus task. Step by step, every day, putting your advice into practice. The hard part for me is to calm down the fatalist inside.

    • dwsmith

      Hard for all of us, Maria. Got to lock it in a closet. Only the fun, creative part can be allowed to play, and interestingly enough, you never get rid of that critical voice, but eventually the creative voice becomes so powerful, the critical voice has to resort to all sorts of sideways tricks to stop you. Just let the creative, fun voice rule and you will be fine.