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Updates On Some Classes

Slowly Seeing The Light…

Amazing how the pandemic just ground so much of all of us (and the world) down to a halt. At WMG Publishing last spring and through the summer, we spent all the time making sure we were solid. Some projects were put on hold, others cancelled, until by the time we got to late August, we felt pretty solid as a company and a business.

But at that time we still had no idea at all where the world, business, and publishing in general was headed, what with the second wave at that time on the pandemic and the strange political craziness here in the States.

So with as much optimism as all of us could manage, we just said, “Hang on.” We said that for about five or six of our big Teachable projects.

And it seemed that most did. Because these projects we are doing are fun ones.

So here are some updates on some of the big class projects we still have in one way or another on the books.

SHARED WORLDS CLASS.  Card Sharp Silver and the three Cave Creek Anthologies will be published early next month. But we love Cave Creek and the anthologies, so we will be moving forward with that class and more projects in the future. There will be videos about after the books come out, about the stories, and so on. So we accomplished what we set out to do, but we want to keep it going.

LICENSING TRANSITION CLASS already has a lot of stuff in it, but because of the year lost, we are going to continue adding to it a bunch of stuff from May 2021 to May 2022, ending at the Licensing Expo. Licensing is still muddy on how it is coming back, but it is coming back just fine. Just not sure of the forms yet.

MASTER BUSINESS CLASS will start in July and go through the Licensing Expo in May of 2022. Fantastic fun and will have lots and lots of different smaller classes inside of it.

YEAR OF THE CAT class will have all videos posted for all 12 book by June when the electronic compilation of all 12 books comes out. The idea was to do those slowly over the winter, but didn’t work out that way, so a lot will be posted through May.

COLLABORATION CLASS which I am really looking forward to is still holding. The world needs to smooth just a tiny bit more over the next few months before we (meaning me and the writers signed up) can take focus to do this class. So more than likely starting in August. Instructions and a lot of videos to be posted later in the summer.

DECADE AHEAD 2nd-4th quarter. Wow, how was the timing for starting this really needed class just a few months before the pandemic started and no one could see the future, or at least not futures we wanted to imagine?? Wow. But now Kris and I will start dusting off our chipped crystal ball and will add some videos into the 2nd quarter and updates of what we have in there, then fill the third and fourth quarters.

Tempting fate with that kind of look ahead is not something we are going to offer again anytime soon. (grin)

So those are updates on the big projects. The recovery from the pandemic is going to take time. And we have some really fun projects on the runway, as soon as a few of these get back in the air. Stay tuned.