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New Classes Available

Three New Classes Today…

More coming over the next four days.


This one is called:

May STAGES OF A PUBLISHER. Talked about adding it a month or so back, finally got it starting in May. (And yes it has been added to the Lifetime Workshop Subscription.)

This turned out to be an eye-opening workshop. I wouldn’t miss this one. Might make you a ton more money down the road. Maybe not so far down the road, actually.

Also we started two new Pop-Up classes as many of you expected.



These two are now available for sale for anyone who didn’t get into the Return of the Fey Kickstarter. Otherwise, for those of you in the Kickstarter, those two Pop-Up classes and five others will be sent out next week. So stay tuned.


Also remember that for those of you signed up, on Friday around 1 pm or so, the STUDY ALONG MYSTERY WORKSHOP will be starting and running through the weekend and Monday and into Tuesday. I would stop by on Friday to get the next assignment and not get too far behind.


And Thursday is the last few hours to get the incredible Secrets and Lies mystery Storybundle. 10 books only 15 bucks by ten top mystery writers.

Go to



  • Amy

    Looking forward to the pop-ups, Dean. Is there any time limit for doing them and getting the short story assignment in?

    • dwsmith

      No time limits. But the stories are only a tiny part of the Pop-Ups. The focused knowledge is really what they are all about. Stories are just a prompt to get you to write a story, nothing more. But no time limit.

  • Kat

    Hey Dean, since you’re talking about workshops, I wanted to ask if you intended to post anything new to the 2nd quarter Decade Ahead class or if that one’s just going to stay as is? I know it’s still a little hard to see the next decade, but maybe we’re getting there?

    As an aside to this, I just went back and listened to all 4 quarters in a row, and Wow. That was a real mind trip. Going from: we have no idea at this point what’s about to happen, to hints of what may happen, to I can’t believe this is happening, to this isn’t getting better, to the Mayan’s end of the world prediction was off by 8 years was a wild ride. 2020, man.

    I hope you leave up all the original videos even after the newer updated videos. They’re historic. Although maybe in a few years I won’t want the visceral memory *grin*

    • dwsmith

      Kat, yes, we are gathering a bunch of stuff to post in that, even though it feels still a little iffy. I think we can do enough to help writers get back on a ten year plan. Amazing how we started that entire thing just months before the world shut down for the first time in my lifetime. Tough to see ten years out when you can’t see three months out. So, so, so much stuff is shifting in publishing, it’s going to be interesting to say the least. But yes, we are getting back to it and will finish the entire thing this year, with more and more certainty toward the end of the year.

      • Kat

        Thanks, Dean. That’s great. It is still pretty weird out there. But hopefully the new normal levels out soon. Looking forward to the new videos. And the new Pop Ups and class!