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Smith’s Monthly Issues Headed Out…

Patreon supporters and Smith’s Monthly subscribers, you will be getting three issues of Smith’s Monthly, about one every other day, for the next week. Finally making a run at getting caught up.

Paper subscribers won’t go out until the middle of August.

Then in August everyone will get three or four more. Then in September three or four more issues. Then another one or two in October.

Lots of reading headed your way. Thanks, everyone, for all the support.


I’m Slow Reading Challenge Stories…

I will be reading some for the rest of the week, but will mostly get caught up in early August. Sorry for the delay, folks. I wanted to be a ways behind because I didn’t want my voice in your head why you were writing, but this is a little too far. Sorry.



Storybundle.com has done something special. It has put together a group of bundles in a bundle. And kept the price at normal levels.

Since I just finished writing a Thunder Mountain novel, it is great luck that in this bundle is a bundle of my first three Thunder Mountain novels. You want to know the world I am writing in now, grab this.

And you’ll also get some other amazing books. Including a bundle of three different Fiction River fantasy volumes. If you haven’t sampled the amazing work and writers in Fiction River, this would be a good place to do it. That alone is worth the entire cost.

You also get three books in Kris’s diving series if you haven’t tried those yet. (You haven’t read the Diving Series?? Holy smokes, you are missing some of the best science fiction written these days.)

Also, don’t forget to toss in some money for one of Kris and my favorite things, AbleGamers.com. They do stunningly good work and are worth supporting.

Get this one at: Storybundle.com

Another Fantastic Bundle Started Today!

Kevin Anderson put together an amazing Thriller bundle through Storybundle and I have a book in it from my Ghost of a Chance series. It is the book THE DEEP SUNSET and it will be out in the next few days in Smith’s Monthly #38. But right now, the bundle is the only place you can get it. Nifty, huh?

15 books in this one. Some stunning writers, including a novel from Kris that hasn’t seen the light of day for a long time called “The Devil’s Churn.” And, of course, a volume of Fiction River that Kevin edited.

Grab this one at www.storybundle.com/thriller


And One More Fantastic Bundle I Am In…

Trust me folks, with these three bundles, you can get more quality reading than you can ever imagine, and five of my novels as well. Some stunning deals and I feel honored to be a part of these.

This last one has time running out. A fantastic Sci-fi bundle. Again, some stunning writers in here, but you get my sf novel AGAINST TIME which is part of my Seeders Universe series of books.

Grab them at: https://bundlerabbit.com/b/sci-fi-july

This one can also be bought on Amazon, Kobo, and a few other places. Links are at the bundle site.

Sci-fi July Fever Fun


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