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First off, I posted my word count to the right and will do so each month so those of you in the challenge with me can see how I am doing. Basically gaining speed is the answer to that. As each week goes by I can type a little longer without my arm cramping up and me needing an ice pack.

I did manage last month to turn into WMG six projects, so a good month on that level. And I did more words by a ways than January. So with luck I will keep ramping up and be back to full speed in a few more months.

Most everyone in the challenges is reporting at the end of the month and that works. Everyone seems to be doing great.

And those of you who paid for the 2024 challenge, we have not forgotten the mugs. Stay turned for information about them and also those of you who are in the Everything Challenge for the 2024 words a day in 2024 can buy the mug once we have it ready.


I am over halfway through reading all the stories turned in during the five months this fall for submission to Pulphouse. I feel I will be done this month so when the March stories come in, I will be able to stay within a reasonable response time. Writing response letters takes a bunch of my writing time and I, of course, can’t count those words. That’s why I want to be done soon. (grin)

Bought some great stories for Pulphouse as well, which was the point. I am having a blast reading.

A couple more days on the workshop sale on Teachable. Lifetime subscriptions are the best deals.  Details on the sales in the last two or three blogs.

Also the March workshops are starting and the new Advanced Humor class as well.

And I just finished reading the brand new Fey novel. Oh, my…. It is so good. (Sorry, I am being mean to Fey fans because you can’t read it yet. Well, not sorry . (grin))