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Update On Special Stretch Goal!!

Started at 119 Backers…

This is a fun extra stretch goal… time limited. So please help us pass the word so all backers get another story collection and a Pop-Up class.

We needed 21 more backers in three days and got 7 of them the first day. We are at 126 backers now with 14 needed in the next two full days. Fantastic! With help we can make it and every backer get the collection and the class.

Check it out on the Bryant Street Kickstarter… Here are the details!

SPECIAL STRETCH GOAL…Hit 140 Backers by Monday Night…

If this campaign reaches 140 backers by Monday night, every backer of any reward at $25.00 and above will get a free ebook copy of the six-story collection GHOSTS ARE WEIRD by Dean Wesley Smith. 

And for writers, you get access to POP UP #84… WRITING WEIRD FANTASY. This is a $150 value and yes, if you already have it you can give it to a writer friend.

Help us pass the word and get to 140 backers before Monday. Thanks!

Check it out on the Bryant Street Kickstarter

Here is the video of me explaining the entire Bryant Street project… (Might have to click twice to get it to run.)



  • Jess

    What do you do to be a backer?

    Random comment: (i really read your blog postings, this time taking them in and something finally cliked. I also delted my utlines. Poof gone! They weren’t much of an outline more like reminders that I didn’t look at much as I’d allways change them, because the story kept chnging as I went.

    I just sat down all day and I’m not having any trouble writing this ‘probelm’ chaper anymore. Thank you.

    • dwsmith

      Just follow the link to the Kickstarter from one of my blogs about it and find a reward you want to pledge for and hit that and Kickstarter will walk you through it.

      Keep the writing fun. That really is the secret,

  • Jess

    I’ll go take a look, thank you!

    Back to how it was when I first started, and was all excited, right? Right!

    Please do a myth posting about rewriting first chapters, I’m sick of every blog harping on about it.

    Pretty much they’re saying that the first chapter is of utmost “importance” and your book will die in screaming flames if you do not get it perfect. (Rewrite it to death)… I mean perfection or you will FAIL completely as writer never to be see or heard from again and living the walk of shame, because of one paragraph.

    The other one is deep pov and authors saying that is all publishers want, readers want it and that it is what makes readers want your books. The general feel in these articles is that writing any other way isn’t worthy. Please go squish these myths!

    I’m done with this stuff causing me stress where I write nothing for days as anything else was more fun.

    I think it is too I was lost for a while, what I was doing sure as heck wasn’t working. But I never fully stopped so that’s something I guess.