Update On Injuries…

Almost Five Weeks Since Surgery…

Thanks, everyone, for all the great well-wishes. Very much appreciated.

So here is an update…

Things are improving for me and my new titanium shoulder. But still issues.

Still sleeping sitting up which does not allow good rest.

Still typing with one hand which causes me to get behind at times on things. With luck that will change in the next week or so and my letters won’t be so short.

PT folks are nice, but wow is that painful, which drains me especially with the lack of good sleep.

I am out of the brace and now trying to train my arm to hang naturally after being frozen in that brace for so long.

I am back driving.

I am walking more each week and have lost four pounds of the surgery added weight.

I am learning to be left handed and have even learned to put on socks with my left hand and tie my own shoes. I am back doing some cooking as well, although Kris has to cut things for me.

I really want to be able to pull my hair back, but no luck with that so wearing hats.

In other words, it’s the little stuff you miss after the big crisis has passed and the recovery in happening.

That’s the update, typed one-handed.

Again, thanks for all the kind thoughts.


  • Cheryl

    Greatly appreciate the update – thanks for taking the time and effort.
    Yeah, it is all the zillion little things.
    But know that there is a very large invisible crowd that follows you around (in a not-creepy way) cheering you on.
    Best wishes.

  • Richard Sayer

    Good to hear you are on the mend. I’m impressed with your determination with typing with one hand. You mentioned hitting some golf balls in the past. Are you still going to try as part of your physical therapy?

  • Steve Perry

    Here’s a phrase you need to get used to hearing: “A man your age ought not be __________!”

    Fill in the blank with whatever they think you ought not be doing. First time I heard it was from my doctor looking at a knee injury I had sustatined.

    Another one you might hear: “You’re in pretty good shape for a man your age.” A different doctor who operated on my knee told me that one.

    Me, I had a T-shirt made twenty years ago, said, “I AM NOT A MAN MY AGE!”

    Thing is, lately, I am kinda am …

    Get well, kid. We’re rootin’ for you.

    • dwsmith

      First 5K this weekend. Not running, just enjoying the walk which is what I do on this one every year.

      Yup, agree, Steve. Everyone was surprised that I fell running in a 5K run or that I have finished half and full marathons in the last couple of years. They all looked at my age and figured I had fallen reaching for the remote. Scary that is the standard way of men of our ages to break a shoulder. (grin)

      • Kevin McLaughlin

        You’re an inspiration for those of us who want to keep doing cool shit as we get up there, Dean. 🙂

  • Kathy Whitlock

    I’m glad to hear things are going so well. You must be beyond delighted to get the brace off and start the slow haul to a more normal life. Best wishes!

    • Dave Raines

      I’m so glad you’re taking your recovery seriously! You’ll be tossing those javelins before you know it! (Actually, golf clubs sound plenty ambitious.)

  • Chris York

    Glad to hear things are moving ahead. Yes, the recovery phase is irritating and seems to take forever. ( You’ve observed this with us, but it’s far different from the inside.) Patience, youngster. (From someone who CAN call you youngster 😂)

  • Doug Solter

    I’m glad to hear that things are moving forward, Dean! Take care of yourself and I’ll be sending good vibes your way for a speedy-as-possible recovery.

    I’m planning to go to the licenseing expo in May. I hope to see you there.

    All the best from Pittsburgh.

  • Brenda Carr

    All that active use of your physiology is definitely contributing to your healing so yaaay. I’m sure glad you are actively on the mend. You are a real inspiration to us other vintage folks. ✨️

  • DiAnne Berry

    I’m at a point in life where I’m grateful my parents didn’t tell me what growing older was going to be like!!! Being married to someone who did anesthesia for a living has not been helpful though. He never brought goodies home!
    You’re handling it well.

  • Keith West

    Steve’s tee shirt quote reminded me of another, one I have: IT’S WEIRD BEING THE SAME AGE AS OLD PEOPLE.

    Hang in there. You’re only truly old if you stop.

  • Kevin McLaughlin

    Glad you’re healing well! 🙂 I hope the recovery continues to go smoothly. It’s superb that you’re already getting back to cool stuff like 5k walks.

  • Michael Angel

    I’m late to the update, but I’m so happy to hear that you’re on the mend, Dean. Posted a pic of you in lecture mode from 2012 on my FaceBook page today. I miss your lecture space in the publishing house as much as the Anchor Inn!

    Fingers crossed that the PT gets easier and less painful from now on.