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Getting Back To Writing

Not There Yet…

Got to wait until I can type with two hands. But I have noticed lately that I have been going through a weird form of craving, or withdrawal, or something.

Three times in the last few days I have sat at my writing computer and tested if I could write yet. I knew from working on this business computer it would not work yet, but I still found myself sitting there.

And I am talking about getting back to writing, which I never do normally. Kris calls me a stealth writer in normal times.

So getting impatient, not with healing the injury, but with getting back to sitting alone in a chair and making up stories. Seems it is just in my blood.


  • Kate Pavelle

    You are on track! Your timing coincides with mine, and even though n=2 is a tiny sample, 3 weeks was a mark of intense boredom and reckless pursuits. That”s when I would accidentally put weight on my operative foot (because a walker is NOT intended for tricep dips 😁.) That’s when I also accidentally drifted my knee scooter around a corner on our smooth tile and fell off (but it was a technically good fall. No damage from the fall, however I got chewed out by my family.) The boredom is the worst part, but you are so close to being on the other side!

  • allynh

    Do like they did with Lassie. She kept limping, with one paw wrapped, so they moved the bandage to the other paw, and she limped on the wrapped paw.

    I’ve seen people move the sling to the good arm, causing the healing arm to think that it was better.

    Another way, is simply write as normal, and the healing side will catch up with time. i.e., Don’t think about the hands while writing.

  • DS Butler

    This is where Kevin J Anderson’s dictation technique could come in useful! It’s a good job you’re the type of person who is always learning new things. You’ll find a way to get back to writing soon.