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Two Hours Left!!

We Hit the 4th Stretch Goal!!!

Thank you, everyone!!!

So that means that anyone supporting this really fun Kickstarter project gets not only five extra books, but a choice of any of our lectures $50 value and a choice of any of our $150 Classic Workshops.

Pretty cool, huh??? So still a few hours time left to grab some great reading. And get a lecture and Classic Workshop on your Teachable dashboard.

But only two hours as I write this at 11 in the morning.

Thanks again. Kris and I are really excited to put these twelve cat anthologies together. 100 cat stories. Going to be a blast.

Year of the Cat Kickstarter…


  • Maggie King

    Yay! These Kickstarters are really fun ~ such a win-win for everybody. I loved the Holiday Story Kickstarter, too. Receiving a story each day from Thanksgiving thru the New Year was great fun.

    • dwsmith

      We’re doing the Holiday Spectacular again this next fall. We’re buying some stories for it this coming week, actually. That did turn out to be great fun.
      And yes, this Kickstarter will be that way as well, with a new book every month of cat stories. Only a few hours left in this one, though.

      Thanks, Maggie, for the support of our crazy projects.

  • E. R. Paskey

    Looks like the Kickstarter is *this* close to hitting the 5th stretch goal!? (If I’m calculating that correctly?)
    What happens if that happens? I’m so excited about this!

    • dwsmith

      Another nifty free book and a really nice workshop gift worth about $200. But only 22 minutes left and I didn’t have time this morning to add it to the Kickstarter. But we hit that next level, that will be the reward we will announce to everyone. Just $200 away, actually. So close.

  • Britt Malka

    Hi Dean, is there a way to be signed up for news about your kickstarters?

    I check your blog frequently, but I completely missed this one, and I would have loved to have been in.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, we missed on this one letting people know. If you have backed any of our Kickstarters in the past, going forward we will let you know.