Collaboration Spots

Still Four Spots Open in the Collaboration Class…

I told another professional writer about this today, told him I thought I was nuts to try it. His response was, “I think it would be grand fun.”

So do I, actually. A four week class on all the different methods of collaboration, then collaborating with 15 writers on a short story sometime over the summer.

And remember, if you just want to take the workshop, you can sign up for it and write me that you want just the workshop part, not the collaboration part. No problem at all.

But got four spots open for the collaboration part still.

Sign up on Teachable. Write me if you are signing up and not wanting to write a story with me so another person can take that spot. Again, I think the class will be worth it on its own if you have any interest in collaboration in your future.

Kickstarter… Year of the Cat

A total success and better than we had hoped it would do.

We just missed the fifth stretch goal, which we did not have listed and the campaign went up so fast last night and this morning that by the time I crawled out of bed and noticed it was close, I didn’t have time to put up a 5th one. But we missed it anyhow, so no issue.

Everyone who supported the Kickstarter, as normal, give us until next week to get the surveys out and then get you your books and instructions on how to get the workshops you got, plus the lecture and Classic Workshop stretch goal additions.

Thank you to those of you who supported a crazy idea to publish 100 cat stories in twelve different monthly volumes. Kris and I are both really excited about putting them together.