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Tomorrow It Starts…

Licensing Expo…

Although about ten of us got to the WMG Suite tonight and sat around and talked, which was fun.

Last post that Kris put up on my blog because Allyson and I couldn’t get to it from the suite was the room number.

Suite in the East Tower, 21st floor. But you can’t get to it without a key letting you up the elevator and only four keys.

So every thirty minutes, starting at 8 pm, someone will be at the bottom of the elevator to take you up.

Vaccinated required.

I will report tomorrow on the Expo.


You don’t want to miss this one, both for all the great reading and for the great workshops not offered anywhere else.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch STARTER KIT 

Check it out before it is over.

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  • Suzan Harden

    I’m sorry I’m missing this year’s Licensing Expo. Maybe next year….

    I just wanted to say I LOVE the new covers for the Fey series! Those are truly I catching!