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New Fiction River Kickstarter Award for Writers

We Think This Is A Good One…

It is at the $100 reward level for that only has four days left!!!

Here is the Reward We Just Added…


Pledge $100 or more.


Get books, a lecture, a subscription, and the chance to be in a volume of Fiction River.

You will get two writing books in electronic format out of the list of writing books in the WMG Inventory. You will also get your choice of a lecture on writing, a $50 to $75 value. You will also get a full year (six issues) subscription to Fiction River. All of that has a value of about $100.

But then in February, you will get a chance to write one story for a Fiction River volume. You will be given a choice of four or so anthology ideas and you will have one week to write and turn in the story. Series editor Dean Wesley Smith will be the first editor and if he feels your story fits, he will pass it on to the editor of the volume for a final decision in March of 2019.

You can do this as an add-on to another reward by simply adding $100 to your pledge for the other reward. We will contact you about the extra money in the survey after this ends.

And yes, you can get two or three of these rewards, meaning you get extra lectures, extra books, extra years of subscription. Maximum of four. Each anthology idea will have one week to write it. So if you get two, you will be writing a story a week for two weeks in February.

All choices of books and lectures will be done in the survey after this is over. Dean will contact you at that point about the story part.


How cool is that??? Books, lecture, subscription, and a chance to write a story for Fiction River. Again, I will be the first cut editor and will let you know if you made the cut or not. The editors of each anthology will have the final say if your story fits what they are doing with the volume.

I want to be clear here. This is only offered for the LAST FOUR DAYS of the Fiction River Kickstarter. (We just added it.) Not again, for at least two years and depending on how this works, maybe never again. (grin)


Folks, you can get the regular workshops at a discount on the

$250 level.  You get a subscription, plus one Regular Workshop credit to use any time you want in the future. Plus you will also get a free Classic Workshop credit (Value $150) for every workshop credit you get. Just pledge an extra $250 to get both the extra Regular Workshop and extra Classic Workshop. (A $450 value for $250)

$750 level.  You get a subscription, plus THREE Regular Workshop credits to use at any time in the future.Plus you will also get a free Classic Workshop credit for every workshop credit you get.

That is 6 workshops, a value of $1,350 in workshops for $750.

Over the last few Kickstarter drives where we offered this, people stocked up for the year, often getting extra. If you want extra workshops on top of this, just add $250 for every workshop. (Actually, you get two for the extra $250.)


If you want more than that, consider getting the Lifetime Subscription. Contact me for more information on that.


If you want discounted workshops or a chance to get a story into Fiction River, here is your chance. And help the anthology series keep going for a few more years as well.


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