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The Two New Workshops Again

September Has Two New Workshops…

Full descriptions below of the two new ones. I posted these a while back but I think they got missed. The How to Use Tags workshop is looking to be a special one. Difficult because most writers can’t begin to see them, but worth the time.

To sign up for any of these, simply go to Teachable and sign up on the course directly. If you have a workshop credit you would like to use, or any questions, write me directly at

Told you we were going to be doing a bunch of new workshops this year. Two in July and two in September so far.  And if you missed the Information Flow or Magic Bakery and are not a lifetime subscriber, those workshops will be back in October.

And the workshop curriculum has been updated as well.

September List of Regular Workshops

Class #25… Sept 4th … Depth #3: Research
Class #26… Sept 4th … Author Voice
Class #27… Sept 4th … Dialog
Class #28… Sept 4th … Writing into the Dark
Class #29… Sept 4th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #30… Sept 4th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #31… Sept 5th … Depth in Writing
Class #32… Sept 5th … How To Study
Class #33… Sept 5th … Writing Fantasy
Class #34… Sept 5th … Novel Structure
Class #35… Sept 5th … How to Use Tags
Class #36… Sept 5th … Advanced Depth

How to Study Workshop and How to Use Tags Workshop…

Both new workshops will start in September and both are available right now to sign up for in Teachable.

I think both of these will be as amazing as the Information Flow workshop. And the Tag workshop might be as game-changing as Writing with Depth. Not kidding. And we will present it in the same example method so you can really see them for the first time.

Both of these workshops have been added to the lifetime subscription for workshops. Lifetime subscribers are already in the workshops if you want to take them in September. Otherwise you can wait until later in the year when they repeat.

(Interested in any of the lifetime subscriptions, write me directly.)

All September Regular Workshops are now up on Teachable as well. List below.

Here are the blurbs for each new workshop.


Studying writing and techniques of fiction writing is a complex process mostly because you need to know what to look for when studying.

And you need to know how to focus your study. This workshop not only helps makes sense out of studying fiction writing, but gives you techniques that you can carry for decades forward in your learning process.

This workshop will go through the major areas of study and help you find methods to study areas you need help with in your fiction writing. So many writers are constantly surprised at how Kris and I in workshop after workshop give them focused exercises and methods of study. That is because we understand how to study fiction writing and what works and what doesn’t.

So now we are combining this knowledge of study all in a way that will be logical and in a workshop you can always come back to when trying to figure out how to do something new in your fiction writing.

This workshop also covers how to practice your fiction writing. Yes, we know, writers don’t like to think of the word practice because all words are golden, right? But by the time you finish this workshop, you will understand the word practice and how it applies to writing and how to practice in fiction writing.

This might be one of the most important workshops we will ever teach. A core workshop for moving forward in your career.



Tags in fiction writing are maybe the most powerful tool an advanced fiction writer uses. Yet early on, writers don’t even know what they are, let alone how to use tags effectively. And when they do use tags, it is accidental.

This workshop will teach you how to use tags to help you not only build scenes and characters, but keep readers in your stories. A very complex topic that is another stage four workshop like information flow. 

This workshop will go through the varied areas and types of tags, how to use them, when not to use tags, and how even to use tags as a plot devices.

Character tags, setting tags, plotting tags, mood tags, and so on. All of them are critical to writing fiction. And honestly, once you understand tags (and can even see them) in fiction writing, the writing becomes easier. They are like magic shortcuts in so many areas.

This workshop will change your writing for the better going forward. Taught very much like the Writing with Depth workshop, this workshop is a game-changer for your writing.

(You must have taken the Depth in Writing workshop before taking this workshop.)




  • Kenny

    Looking forward to the Tags workshop!

    I know you were very patient with me when I was figuring out how to recognise tags. (But hey it was fun to see you dress up in Hat and Coat). 🙂

    So thanks for that, and yes I’ll re-watch Sliding Doors again…