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The Power of a Streak

The Power…

This is day 1,150 of posting a blog without missing a day. Yes that is over three years.

It is Saturday night. Very few people stop by here on Saturday night. Yet because I want to keep that crazy streak alive, I am posting nothing that has to be typed. (grin)

Those of you who understand the power of a streak and apply it to your writing with words produced tend to really get ahead of everyone else quickly.

Streaks are very powerful things when you get one started.

Right now I have walked five miles four days in a row, a new streak starting.

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    • dwsmith

      Everyone is disrupted in one way or another. Key is to get focused again. The beach is crowded this weekend because it seems after being holed up for a few months, people are egger to get out and have some fun and do some shopping. Great to see crowds laughing and smiling.

  • Marsha

    Actually I stop by here every morning with my cuppa tea before I get going with my day. That is my streak. 🙂

    I have also been tracking my daily writing for the last eighteen months because of following you here. It has made a difference because—drumroll please—I don’t want to break my streak! So yeah, I have to agree. Streaks have power, much, much power. . .

  • Rob Vagle

    Saturday was day 196 for my writing streak, at least 500 words per day. Many days more than that.

    This week has been tough. But then I guess that’s the power of habit–the work gets done anyway.

  • Cynthia Lee

    The other day I asked myself what I would be doing now if I hadn’t stumbled upon your blog a few years ago.

    I would not be writing. That’s the answer. I would have given up, probably.

    Today, I re-read a chapter of my third novel and wrote 300 words of my tenth short story.

    Thanks, Dean!

  • David Anthony Brown

    Today will be day 524 of writing every day. Not sure where my average words/day is now. Still under a thousand? I’ll figure it out before New Year. But a year and half of writing certainly gives a little perspective on how the ups and downs balance out.

    And along the way, I’ve completed three novellas and 25 short stories. By the end of the week, I’ll have added 16 publications for the year. It’s a start.