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The Passive Guy Comes To The Master Business Class

Great Fun and Great Learning…

That’s right, the Passive Guy of ThePassiveVoice.com will be one of main instructors this year at the Publishing Master Business Workshop. 

For those who don’t know his real name, it is David P. Vandagriff. He is a national IP lawyer, knows more about copyright than even I do, is fantastic at publishing contracts, and is a super nice guy. His wife, a major bestselling romance writer in both traditional and indie will be coming along and being in the class. 

Mark Leslie (Lefebvre), Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and I will be the three main folks running the show.  Mark and I and Kris will be there all five days. And Kris this year will be doing lunches with writers. Yes, she is back and healthy.

Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, both Times Bestsellers and the owners of the incredible indie press Wordfire Press will be joining the teaching staff this year. They attended last year. Both will be there for the entire five days. (Starts Friday morning early on October 19th and goes through the morning of Wednesday October 24th). 

Andrea Pearson is back teaching officially this year. She did some wonderful extra help with people last year and we wanted her to return this year as well. 

Bestselling mystery writer Christina York (under pen names) will be teaching as well as helping with the writer lunches ahead of time.

Donna Cook will also be teaching this year. She has an amazing and easy-to-understand cash flow system that you will find incredible.

Gwyneth Gibby, from WMG will also be there. She is the one doing most of the work on the fantastic promotions packages and knows a ton about everything happening on the detail side of publishing.

So The Passive Guy joins me and Kris and Mark and Kevin and Rebecca, plus Andrea, Chris, Donna, and Gwyneth.

And we might have another instructor surprise or two. Stay tuned.

AND we still have room.

Please pass the word around. And if interested, or if you know someone who is interested have them write me at dean.wmgworkshops@gmail.com.  

Web site for the Vegas workshops is coming along and has a lot of the basic information at 


Instructor bios and other cool stuff will be up there shortly.

Costs are $750 for the conference. Hotel for the six nights in the conference block at the Golden Nugget (you want to be in it, trust me…get the code from me), would run about $800. Travel to Vegas is really cheap. (I do round trip tickets to Portland, OR for $200.)

Food is fantastic in the area for all levels of food needs, the conference area has been remodeled and is fantastic. You don’t have to even get near the casino. 

This might very well be the best workshop we have ever done. And with more learning than you can imagine or fit into a single notebook. (grin)

Questions, write me.

(And yes, if you are a lifetime workshop subscriber before September 1st to the online workshops, you get the tuition for this Vegas workshop for free.)

Come and join The Passive Guy and the rest of us crazies in Vegas in October. Going to be amazing networking and business learning.