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The Magic Bakery and a Disappearing Bundle

Full of Magic Pies…

I have been working with Kris on the Strengths Workshops and in both the business and the sales workshops, the concept of the magic bakery keeps coming up in varied ways. I had forgotten how powerful the concept actually is.

I haven’t talked much about the magic bakery here in the last few years. And to really understand all the ramifications of it and how to use it, you will need to take the Strengths Workshops, both business and sales.

But for those of you who do not have a clue what I am talking about, imagine your finished story is a pie. The copyright property you created is the pie, basically.

Now, you take out a piece of that pie for one use or another and magically the piece appears again to be taken out again. And again. And again.

Magic. When you really, deeply understand copyright, it is like having magic property.

A magic pie.

Maybe, down the road here, if I remember next winter, I’ll do some full blogs on the Magic Bakery we all build. I am certainly enjoying having that concept come back in a bunch of different ways in these Strengths Workshops.

A Fantastic Bundle ALMOST GONE!!

This is an amazing bundle of books, folks. And it only has a day or so left.

This is cross genre, something not normally done in bundles. That allows you to sample a lot of great books that you might not normally grab in genres you might not even know you enjoy.

I have read all of these authors and I can tell you they are all top rate, writers you want to discover right here.

Not only does this bundle have a full issue of Fiction River that is very much cross genre,  but it also has ten other books including my origin novel for Poker Boy. And a number of other short story collections.  Trust me, you want to read Kris’s The War and After collection of fantasy stories. You will miss something special if you don’t grab this bundle for that book alone.

Plus some of the money going to a great reading charity to help kids get started reading. Can’t beat that. Bundles don’t get much better than this one, folks. And it’s going away soon.

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  • Patrick R

    That’s like the ghosts in Meeting the Sunset Kid (Ghost of a Chance, short story) where they take the ghost versions of real food to enjoy – still leaving the physical food there.

    The real pie (=copyright) never disappears….(well, at least into ghosts’ mouths)…but for these diners it can magically cast off versions of itself! Magic pie world!

    • dwsmith

      Yup, I do use something similar in all my Ghost of a Chance stories and books. Only as actual food instead of copyright. Hadn’t noticed I had done that. (grin)

  • Harvey

    I think I do remember you talking about that a long time ago. It would be a great one to bring back. An excellent analogy for intellectual property.

  • Danielle

    Your Sacred Cow posts are the reason my whale-sized science fantasy novel is coming out this year instead of wasting away on my hard drive while I try to find an agent who’ll take me on.

    But your Magic Bakery post is why I’m not stressing about how this huge book–or anything I’m writing nowadays–will be initially received because I know I get to sell it for the duration of life.

    I knew I enjoyed writing stories and was decent at it (and that working retail 9-5 crushes my morale).

    I also knew about and agreed with the fiscal idea that you want to own assets that make money for you over and over again with minimal fuss–but folks like Rich Dad, Poor Dad always talked in terms of real estate and rental properties, which I have no love for.

    Your Magic Bakery article combined these two ideas in a way that set off a HUGE light bulb. Wait, I can do what Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been saying all these years? I can generate my own assets? And have fun doing it? And my product never spoils?

    Many of your articles have completely changed my outlook on my craft (I don’t have to rewrite to please some editor I’ve never met and may not trust? I don’t have to pad or cut down a story because someone else tells me to? Me and the story are the final say? I needed permission to do this.) but the Magic Bakery ROCKED MY WORLD as far as realizing *I can make a living at this*.

    I’m taking baby steps at this–giving myself 5 years–but suddenly my backlog of ideas is inventory just waiting to go out!

    In short, I’d love to hear more about the Magic Bakery.

    • dwsmith


      That is a good idea, actually. Might be enough blog posts to make a small book as well. Hmmm.. Thank you for the kind comments and keep having fun. And stay tuned.