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The Fndaway Stupidity…

Kris Took The Time To Really Explain

What Happened…

It is on her Patreon page, but she made it open to the public at my request.

Kris and I for decades now have pushed writers to really understand business. What Findaway did was clear and obvious to anyone who understands business and negotiations. Sadly most writers thought this was a victory as they were being played.

Read Kris’s post and then start the process of learning business and basic negotiations. And get out of Findaway at once.




  • Jason M

    Agreed on the rights grab, but Findaway changed the offending language 24 hours later, due to pushback from the writing/publishing community.

  • Jason M

    Sorry, I just read Kris’ Patreon (after posting another comment) and see that she addressed the yankback rather … bluntly … as is her style.
    I imagine you guys are imagining a potential future that is 100% direct sales via Shopify, correct?

    • dwsmith

      Oh, heavens, no. That would be as stupid as the people who only sell through Amazon select. No, we are wide and in as many places as we can be around the world that don’t try to take our copyright. Shopify is only yet another outlet. Might end up being a great one, time will tell. But NEVER the only one.

  • Kristi N.

    Thank you for convincing Kris to make this public. The comments are also highly enlightening, both from an informed and uninformed viewpoint. And a timely reminder for writers who also aspire to have a business: Learn Copyright and Licensing!!

  • Mark Leighton Fisher

    Important stuff. We impressed upon our son (a musician) that Frank Zappa died with an estate because he managed his copyrights.

  • Sheila

    What I’ve learned about business in my life makes me suspicious of everything. I may be dealing with Covid brain, but I remember that! Good on you and Kris for making people see how this stuff hurts them, now and with any future changes.

    Findaway sucks! I’m glad I forgot to open an account with them (so, thanks Covid brain????). 😀