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THE CHASE Kickstarter Campaign Hit Third Stretch Reward

And Is Well On Its Way to the Next…

THE CHASE is Kris’s new Diving novel that is done and ready to ship to the Kickstarter supporters in June. It actually won’t officially publish online and in stores until September, so if you want to read it soon, get on over to the Kickstarter campaign.

THE CHASE: Kickstarter Campaign

Also got two great special workshops in this one. We have the How to Write Spaceships three week special workshop, only available through the campaign, and Writing the Vastness of Space- Two. The topic was so large, we decided to do another one. It is not a sequel to the first one, just a brand new one covering even more details about how to write the Vastness of Space.

One of these nights in the next few weeks, I’ll talk about how hard that Writing Spaceships workshop will be and why so many writers just send readers fleeing with their cliche takes on spaceships. That will be a fun class. And the first Vastness of Space was fun at least for me. (grin)

So give the campaign a look. And yes, there are rewards to get all 16 Diving books in electronic, trade paper, or signed hardbacks.