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That Was Close…

Almost Missed Doing a Blog…

Day 3,351 in a row writing something here.

Got done with all the workshop stuff, including starting the last of the October new workshops, then went back to my writing computer to work on a novel, then after a few thousand words headed to watch some television.

Then after a short time, headed for bed. I was just about to doze off when I wondered what I had written about on my blog. I couldn’t remember. Then it dawned on my that I couldn’t remember because I hadn’t done it. Didn’t want to get up, almost tossed it in right there, but I climbed out.

So back here now typing something to keep that stupid streak alive. That is a lot of days in a row without missing for any reason.

So I guess I should say to remember the workshop sale. Lots of stuff at half price.

Ends next Sunday, October 10th, so don’t miss this one. Only five days or so left!

Everything on WMG Publishing Teachable half price. Just use the code:



  • Frank Theodat

    3, 351 days is no joke! Well done keeping the streak alive.

    Also, just happened to stumble upon clips of Prisoners of Gravity on Youtube last night. They interviewed writers from the Clarion Workshop. Such a nice treat to find the interview clip with Kris in it from 1993 and the mention of you as editor of pulphouse magazine!

    • dwsmith

      That was a really fun show. And yup, Almost thirty years later I’m still doing this editing of Pulphouse thing. Sort of scary. (grin)

  • Lloyd MacRae

    And that’s the beauty of a streak! It motivates you to keep going, which is valuable in itself because you end up writing even when you don’t feel like it. Thank you for teaching me that part of being a professional. Now I’m off to keep my own streak alive.?