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Thanks for the Positive Comments

Glad The New Look Is A Good One…

I sure like it and am working every day now to update all the information here. I will shout out in a month or so when I think I have most things updated. Amazing how far a web site can get behind when a person like me doesn’t much care about promotion of my own books. I just like writing them and putting them out.

But now I figure if I can get this new look caught up, I have a better chance of keeping it caught up. One can dream, right? (grin)

And speaking of my books, I have three collections out (in ebook at the moment, paper coming at some point). They are from my Make 100 Paperbacks Kickstarter a year ago.

Everyone who took the reward for the three electronic editions of the big collections should have them by now. Those who wanted the paper, hang on. On the other side of these strange times they will go out.

But here is what they look like and how to get to each one. Big collections of stories from all of my series.

And stay safe out there, everyone…

Link to all three books…


  • Felicia Fredlund

    It does look great, Dean!

    I only have one wish and that is to get the recent comments widget back in the sidebar. I find that part of the great content on your blog happens in the comments and it helps being able to see when comments happens on older (or newer) posts which that widget does since it shows the most recent comments no matter where they were made.

  • Robin Brande

    You did such a great job with this. It looks and works great! Redoing a website is such a major undertaking, and requires patience and persistence–way to go!

  • Heidi

    Love the new design! But can you bring back the archive in the side widget? I’ve enjoyed going through your old posts in the past for motivation. 🙂

    • dwsmith

      Heidi, thanks. And Archive is added and near the bottom of the right side. Thanks for the suggestion.