Challenge,  Licensing

Tech Challenged…

At A Stupidly Basic Level…

This year Kris and I will be attending the Licensing Expo as we have always done. But this year both of us will be filming and giving our opinions on things we see like I did last year. We will be posting all this daily in the class ATTEND THE 2024 LICENSING EXPO WITH KRIS AND DEAN.  It is on Teachable.

So Kris was attempting to show me how we could share files on our phones. Attempt is the operative word. I will get it if I have it written down on a little note card step-by-step. Maybe.

I know I did fine last year and had a blast doing it because filming something and talking it through really helped me get focused. But wow am I tech challenged. Heaven forbid I have to try to figure out a streaming service on our television.

But for the Licensing Expo this year as I did last year, my phone will become a video camera (who knew?) and both Kris and I will talk a lot about how writers can not only find great ideas for their Shopify stores, but make great licensing deals and how it is done.

And I will start practicing doing the videos when we get our badges on Sunday and start posting them Sunday night so I am ready bright and very early for me on Tuesday. And I will do some regular videos on Monday as to the value in general of the Licensing Expo. Hope you join us.