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Taking Another Rest Day

I Got All Regular Assignments Done…

Will finish tomorrow some assignments and letters I am behind on, then read some stories I just found from the Space Opera class that I haven’t read yet. I will do those tomorrow as well.

But tonight I am going to just rest, go watch a movie, get a good night’s sleep.

Nothing wrong. I know people worry that when I say I am not working until three in the morning I must be sick. But nope, just learning to take some time away from this computer a little more. Plus my one eye is forcing me away often just to be safe.

And Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I always get behind, catch up on Wednesday it seems every week.

Thursday I am cooking for me and Kris. (And Lisa with a to-go plate since all three of us are following guidelines.)

And we have a run on Thursday that up until 3 days ago was a live run, but the Governor slapped the entire state backward because of so many idiots not wearing masks and the infection rates going up, so the run has to be virtual. Still will be fun.

So stay safe out there, folks.